Coronavirus | Old Town Athletic Campus

Hi OTAC Family,

In the face of the coronavirus challenge, we at OTAC want you to know that we are doing our part in the fight against this illness, and that you are a priority to us.

Since the very first day we opened, we have considered cleanliness a number one priority and always use the highest quality products to fight unwanted bacteria and germs. In addition to our normal rigor, we have added more cleanings throughout the day with even more detailed and diligent focus. 

The wipes that are available to members are called FLEX WIPES, which kill MRSA, E. coli, norovirus, hepatitis, herpes, influenza, COVID-19 and more. 

We are asking you to partner with us in the effort to minimize the spread of germs. If we work together, we can maintain a healthy environment for everyone. Here are some ways to help prevent sickness:

  • Throughout your exercise sessions, we ask that you wipe down mats, bands, foam rollers, dumbbells, and handles. 
  • Wash hands before and after your workouts.
  • Many people choose to invest in their own mat if they use one frequently. We have mats for sale for $25.00 at the front desk. 
  • If you participate in group fitness and/or training sessions, instructors and trainers will ask you to use one wipe (one is enough!) before class and one wipe at the end of class to make a quick sweep of equipment you used. This is normal protocol—but we think it is important to be even more aware during this time. 
  • Sneeze in your elbow.
  • Refrain from putting your fingers in your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Did we mention we should all wash our hands frequently? 🙂

We as staff members will be washing our hands frequently and following CDC guidelines for maintaining clean work surfaces.

We ask that if you are presenting any symptoms of illness, please stay home. Our staff will be doing the same.

THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE regarding the best way to PREVENT disease and illnesses is to keep our immune system strong by:

Exercising regularly, following a healthy eating plan, getting adequate sleep, reducing our stress and surrounding ourselves with a community of support and friendships.  We should all keep doing what we are doing at OTAC because we are preventing disease by doing so!

We understand how easy it is to buy into the fear—we all have natural instincts to protect our families. At the same time, it can be unhealthy to disrupt your normal activities if you are a healthy individual. Our business is disease prevention and wellness through healthy activities and strong sense of community. We will continue to do thiseffectively and with confidence.

Be smart, encourage cleanliness, and promote wellness! Do activities that keep your immune system strong and stress levels low.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will make adjustments as needed.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for help. We want to be part of keeping our community strong. Together we can!

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