‘It’s Time’: OTAC Iron Fitness Center Opens to Community

In December of last year,Old Town Athletic Club on Walker Drive was transformed into the Old Town Athletic Campus with the addition of The Hub, a brand new space delivering an improved fitness experience with boutique-style exercise spaces.

Members of all fitness levels now have the ability to select memberships that cater to their specific goals. Options include OTAC Spark, or group exercise classes; OTAC Fury, or small group classes; OTAC Force, or semi-private training; and OTAC Focus, or one-on-one training. OTAC Breathe a yoga and Pilates membership, and Parisi Speed School, an athletic conditioning membership, are available at the lower building.

Now officially joining the lineup as of March 8, comes OTAC Iron, a utilitarian-style gym designed for the specific needs of independent exercisers, and OTAC’s most affordable option at $39 per month. Iron, operational since last December, has undergone extensive renovations to create an open floor plan that will house brand new cardio and weightlifting equipment.

Cole Forsten, the visionary behind Iron, has spent the last year preparing for its debut. “Iron has always been a dream of mine,”he says. “People deserve a space to work out that is open, clean and welcoming with plenty of amenities. You’ll find that both at Iron and at OTAC as a whole. Whether you’re a student, single, married or retired, you can find a form of exercise here that you love.”

One of Forsten’s main goals in creating Iron was to give members access to the best equipment at an affordable price point—without forfeiting quality. “It’s time that the independent exercising community has a place that allows them to work out the way they want,” says Forsten. “Our equipment will always be clean, operational, and upgraded on a regular basis. No one should have to forfeit amenities just because they like to work out independently.”

Iron members can enjoy brand new treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, selectorized equipment, and wide variety of cable options. For avid lifters—dumbbells from five to 150 pounds, squat racks, bumper plates, standard and specialty bars, and an outdoor workout area with a squat rack, a sled and monkey bars are available. There are also dedicated areas for stretching, ab and body weight work, and accessories like bands, plyo boxes, TRX systems, pull-up bars and more.

Additional amenities include a fully stocked juice bar, locker rooms with showers and a supplement and retail store. For members with young children, Kid Care is also offered as an option.

There is just one more thing Forsten wants the community to know. “There is a common misconception about integrating health into your life,” he says. “People think they have to get in shape before joining a gym, and that’s just not the case. We are here to help people at any stage of their fitness journey. You don’t have to wait until you reach certain goals to come see us.”

In the month of March, OTAC Iron is offering a 10% discount for new members, bringing the monthly price from $39 to $35. To learn more about becoming a member of OTAC Iron, Spark, Force, Fury, Focus, Breathe or Parisi, call (540) 349-2791.

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